De Zeeman PRO


De Zeeman PRO, which is equipment for professional/professional divers and military use. Quality, tailored to your needs and adapted to the toughest conditions. For years we have been a reference in the field of professional diving equipment and this in different regions of the world. We can undoubtedly make a difference for you or your organization as well.

What divisions do we operate in?

De Zeeman PRO operates in 5 divisions:

Commercial diving equipment

Everything for the professional diver. We are distributors of many leading brands.

Military diving equipment

One of our most important and unique divisions. We have a wide range of diving equipment for military use.

Medical hyperbaric

You can count on our equipment to save lives.

Scuba diving

From deep sea diving to technical diving you will find it all at De Zeeman Pro!


When it comes to creating safe working environments at heights, you make no concessions. And you don't have to.

Our full range of diving equipment can be found in our online catalog 2024.

Take a look now!

Tailor-made trainings

At De Zeeman PRO we not only supply professional diving equipment, we also provide numerous training courses on the brands we carry. We are a certified training center for several brands and provide customized training. Thus, we are also a certified training center for:

All repairs and maintenance

At De Zeeman PRO we go beyond selling/distributing, we also have the necessary professionals in house who are responsible for the repair and maintenance of our diving equipment and all accessories. All repairs and maintenance are done in our own workshop and in-house. As the only company in the European Union, we are also able to perform complete Fiberglass and Gelcoat repairs.

De Zeeman PRO

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