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The products shown as Defense & Law Enforcement products on this website are restricted for military, law enforcement, and special forces sales only, and subject to export licenses/permits.

As one of the few companies in Europe, we at De Zeeman PRO specialize in diving equipment for military organizations. Worldwide, we distribute a wide range of military diving equipment. As experts in this field, we guide our customers to the right equipment. In doing so, we work with leading brands that enjoy an impeccable reputation.

From military diving suits to DPDs and specialized equipment for sea rescue, navigation and more, we have it in our range. We constantly keep our range up to date and choose materials that come into their own even in the most demanding conditions. We maintain an excellent relationship with each of our suppliers, so that we can provide effective assistance to our customers.

Full military diving equipment and accessories

Discover below the range of brands we carry. You can also discover right away the whole catalog of our diving equipment.

The brands we carry

Repairs & Maintenance

Need to have your equipment repaired or maintained? We give workshops so that you can work on your own, but we also maintain and repair your diving equipment in our own workshop.

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